Etsy Everything // Mother's Day Cards

Ashley Pahl

Mother's Day is coming! Are you ready? Today's post is the first Etsy Everything and I can't think of a better topic than Mother's Day cards.  I'm a big fan of fun, unique cards.  They are thoughtful and beautiful.  They really show you care, especially if you write something heart felt in them! I can't help you with what you write inside, but here are a few great options for the outside. 





Welcome To Violets & Laurel

Hey, All! Welcome to our blog, Violets & Laurel!
 Violets & Laurel is brought to you by a girl from Wisconsin and a girl from Connecticut.  Our blog is all about our appreciation for people, places, and things. We love all sorts of things! 

What does Violets & Laurel mean? 
 We are two girls who grew up in different parts of the country and we wanted our name to reflect that because we both bring different life experiences to this blog.  The wood violet is the state flower for Wisconsin and the mountain laurel is Connecticut's state flower. Currently we both live in Connecticut, but Erin's Wisconsin roots run deep. There will be plenty of midwestern and coastal inspired content. 

We each have our own personal blogs, Amanda Louise and Visibly Moved.  On each of our blogs we often found ourselves collaborating on different projects.  They ended up being some of our favorite content we were putting out. So, we got the genius idea to work together to form one super blog! We have a lot of shared interests that we plan to incorporate into this space including - travel, events, DIY projects, fashion, interior design, and more.  Check out the side bar for some of these topics. 

Thanks for stopping by!