Event // Autumn Dinner Party

Dinner Parties! We love them, you love them. They are a good time.  Hosting dinner parties was one of my favorite parts of getting an apartment in my early 20's, and it has not changed to this day. Autumn offers so much inspiration for dinner parties. The colors are richer and the textures are rougher.  It's really fun coming up with combinations for decorations.  For this dinner party we started with a lush deep green wreath Erin had made and added produce like pumpkins, carrots and pomegranates.  The colors of the fruits and veggies against the deep green looked great together. 

By using produce we were able to keep the costs of putting together the table down.  This could be a great idea for Thanksgiving, or switch out different seasonal fruits and vegetables for other seasons.

The gold plates and smoked black glasses added even more richness to the table.  We usually tend to lean on the light side of earthy, but it was really fun to have dark and moody elements.  Adding the candles kept the table moody and added some necessary light since the sunsets are getting earlier. 

What dinner party is complete without great friends?  It was so nice sharing a meal and conversation with these fantastic people. At the end of the day a dinner party is just a great excuse to see people and talk over a good meal. 

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