DIY: Crocus Flower Crown

It's finally starting to warm up around our parts here in Connecticut.  Flowers are out in bloom and what a perfect time of year to make some flower crowns.  I will show you how we made our Crocus flower crowns for this photo shoot but you can use any flowers in bloom near you.
What You Need:
Floral Tape
Floral Wire
Fresh Flowers/Greens

For our crowns we used Crocus flowers (for Crocus specifically, don't cut the leaves, they need those to grow next year) and some evergreen leaves.
Start by measuring your head using the floral wire and cut to length.  We went around twice with the wire so it was sturdy and then twisted the ends together.

Find the center of your crown and place your first flower and attach it with the floral tape.  Continue by placing the next flower or evergreen behind the first and tape it to the wire.  Do this until that side of the crown is complete.

Once the first side is complete, repeat the same process on the other side by starting in the middle and facing the two sides together.

Finish by wrapping the remaining exposed wire with floral tape.
Photo above shows the crowns half completed.
And there you have it! 
 Beautiful flower crowns to use for your photo shoots or other spring event.

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