Weekend Casuals

The weather in Connecticut is finally getting to the point where it is consistently nice. The windows are open, the shorts and dresses have been pulled out of storage. It's been a long winter and this weather is much appreciated.  
Today we are showing you my current weekend wear.  I have been wearing a variation of this outfit almost every weekend for the past couple of weeks.  It's just so comfortable and a versatile.  The shorts were boyfriend jeans that were just a little too big and not very flattering.  I was thinking about tossing them and then had the idea to cut them into shorts, inspired by Madewell's current spring/summer catalog. Well, it turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. These shorts are so comfortable. I love them paired with my white converse.  It's still transitioning into shorts and t-shirt weather, so I've been wearing long sleeve shirts and sweaters with the shorts when it's a little cooler. 
One thing I love about Connecticut is the woods. I grew up running around and playing in the woods and it was such a fun childhood. I still feel a bit like a kid jumping from rock to rock when I spend time out there.
Outfit Details
shorts - cut from H&M boyfriend jeans
sweater - Target
necklace - Madewell
shoes - Converse

Photos - Erin // Author - Amanda

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